1. Here tumblr have a selfie

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    Always loyal and faithful to my sailor <3

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    Poverty vs. Wealth

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    everything personal♡

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  8. "science says
    that no matter how close you get
    to someone
    you still cannot occupy the same
    space as them
    I think of the nights we wasted
    pressing our skin against each
    other so hard that we bruised
    our bones
    I think it can’t be true
    that the closest I’ll ever be to you
    is beside you
    it is not enough
    I hold my hand to your
    and watch it float on the calm
    waves of your breath
    There is not enough time
    to love you the way that I want to
    the universe may expand infinitely
    but I am not allowed that same
    I cannot become the sky.
    You ask me what I’m thinking
    and if it hurts
    I say nothing
    you ask me again if it hurts
    I say
    — Science Says, alonesomes (via alonesomes)

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  9. I actually have to eat my m&ms like this so I end up with the same number of each color and so I know exactly what color I’m eating. I will spit it back out to see the color if I don’t remember what it is.

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